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We are qualified and/or accredited psychotherapists and clinicians with specialised clinical training in CBT and practice as Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists. We have experience of working with many issues including: depression and low mood; anxiety; panic; body image; stress; self-esteem; eating disorders; relationships; assertiveness; confidence; goal-setting; emotional distress and much more.


We have undergraduate and postgraduate university degrees in Psychology and Psychological Research as well as in English. Our Director will be starting her Doctorate in Psychology in 2017. We have additional qualifications in other therapies such as Stress Management Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as qualifications in training, clinical supervision, self-harm, suicide and much more!


We engage in regular Clinical Supervision (individual, group and peer supervision) and frequent Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Our therapists hold Professional Membership with various organisations, have their own Professional Indemnity Insurance, hold PVG/Disclosure Scotland Membership and are registered with ICO's Data Protection Scheme.


We engage in ongoing research and training in Online Therapy to ensure we have appropriate skills in providing this type of therapy. We also aim to keep up-to-date with developments in this increasingly popular mode of therapy.


''When I look back on my life, I see pain, mistakes and heartache. When I look in the mirror, I see strength, lessons learned, and pride in myself''.


- Raw for Beauty -




What is Online Therapy?


PLEASE NOTE: we will begin providing this in summer 2018. Online Therapy (or e-therapy) is a relatively new development in mental health and psychotherapy. Therapists provide emotional and psychological support in real-time and therapy can be accessed in the comfort of your home. The basic principles of Online Therapy are:


  • The main difference between online and face-to-face therapy is that Online Therapy and Support are provided online. The same working agreements, confidentiality, privacy procedures, boundaries etc. also apply to Online Therapy.
  • Online Therapy has many advantages including: accessible to those living in remote/rural areas; accessible to those experiencing physical limitations; convenient; can be accessed from home (no travelling); less expensive (no room hire or travelling costs); and can be easier to fit therapy into busy, daily life.
  • Concerns and problems that can be addressed include: eating disorders; depression; low mood; anxiety; stress; relationship issues; work-related issues; bullying; and much more. It's also possible to access Online Guided Self-Help if you prefer a more structured approach to support.
  • It offers a sense of anonymity for those who feel that this is important when accessing therapy.
  • It can be long-term or short-term and depends on each individual and the problems being addressed. We go at YOUR pace!
  • It is private and confidential. We use a high quality platform offering a safe and easy-to-use interface for arranging, paying for and ‘attending’ sessions. If you have a computer, and are comfortable using the internet, you will find Online Therapy straightforward. Therapy is conducted using text-based communication (i.e. communicating via typing, in real-time).

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