Group Therapy




Group Therapy is a type of psychological therapy that takes place within a group of people rather than one-on-one with just one other person (ie. the therapist).


Group Therapy is run by at least two qualified psychotherapists/counsellors who have experience of facilitating groups and group-work.


Group therapy offers many advantages. It provides a support network and opportunity to meet others experiencing similar concerns. Together, with therapist(s) and other group members, you will be encouraged to share your experiences and work on understanding yourself better.


As with one-to-one therapy, Group Therapy is confidential. It typically involves 4-8 other group members (excluding therapists). If you sign up for Group Therapy, you will be expected to attend a certain number of sessions (e.g., 6 two-hour sessions, on a weekly/fortnightly basis).


We offer Group Therapy only when we have enough people to run sessions over a period of time (e.g. 4-8 people over a period of 6+ weeks on a weekly or fortnightly basis).


If you are interested in attending Group Therapy and wish to be contacted about the start of the next programme of Group Therapy, please get in touch here or complete the Appointment Booking Form here. See more about Group Therapy below!

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What is Group Therapy?


Group Therapy and one-to-one therapy are alike in many ways and have similar aims. However, during Group Therapy, therapists make use of group dynamics to achieve these aims in a different way. Here's more details about Group Therapy:


  • Takes place within a small group (4-8 people) with at least 2 therapists.
  • Takes place weekly or fortnightly (for 2 hours), at the same time, with the same members, for a particular period of time (e.g. 6 weeks).
  • During the first session, members start by introducing themselves and sharing why they are there. Therapists encourage members to discuss their experiences and progress.
  • If you do not want to talk or share something in particular, that's ok. For some, it can take a few sessions of listening in before they feel ready to share their experiences. There's no pressure to do or talk about anything you don't want to do.
  • It aims to help members see themselves and their behaviours more clearly.
  • Provides the opportunity to express yourself freely, in confidence, with people who listen and who provide support and encouragement..
  • A place where you can say what you think, what you are feeling and express yourself.
  • Discussing emotional difficulties with therapists and other members provides you with extensive feedback. The aim is to help you learn your own coping methods so you can handle things if/when problems arise.
  • Gives the opportunity to reach out and support others. Speaking to others with similar issues can help you feel less isolated and, therefore, more supported.

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