Our motto is 'your voice counts : recovery exists'. This is the focus and ethos of Glasgow Centre of Therapy and underlies everything we do.


We believe change and recovery are possible. We also believe that everyone experiencing emotional, mental health or personal difficulties is entitled to have a voice and express that voice.


Glasgow Centre of Therapy offers both personal and professional services for a range of emotional, mental health and personal issues, including: depression, anxiety, stress, panic, emotional distress, relationships, personal development; eating disorders, body image issues; worry; self-esteem; confidence; assertiveness, OCD and lots more.


Please see the Get Help and Support section if you are looking for help and support for emotional, mental health or personal difficulties.


Please see the Professional Services section if you are a professional or are looking for training, events,

consultancy, referral or other professional services.


For more information about our experience and history, please see the relevant sections in the Home section of this website.

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