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Glasgow Centre of Therapy provides various types of therapy, counselling, support, training and education for anyone looking for help and support with emotional or mental health issues and to those looking for professional services associated with emotional or mental health issues.


Please feel free to browse the website. Please get in touch if you would like to access our services or have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


''Progress isn't linear. Progress is full of twists and turns, ups and downs, backtracks and sideloops. I promise, you're doing great''.


- Body Peace -



Our motto is 'your voice counts : recovery exists'. This is the focus and ethos of Glasgow Centre of Therapy and underlies everything we do.


We believe change and recovery are possible. We also believe that everyone with emotional or mental health difficulties or other issues and problems is entitled to have a voice and express that voice.


We offer both personal and professional services for a range of difficulties and emotional and mental health problems including: depression and low mood; anxiety; eating disorders; body image issues; stress; panic; trauma; OCD; emotional distress; relationships, personal development and lots more.


Please see Get Help and Support section here if you are looking for help and support for some of the difficutlies and problems that you may facing or experiencing in life.


Please see Professional Services section here if you are a professional or are looking for training, events, consultancy, referral or other professional services.



''We all need someone to talk to, someone who listens,

someone who understands''.


- Ritu Ghatovrey -



Glasgow Centre of Therapy was founded by Alexandra O'Brien who has experience as an Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Psychology Researcher, Mental Health Practitioner, Trainer and Director of a leading mental health charity. Glasgow Centre of Therapy is a branch of the private practice business, citizen17.


Glasgow Centre of Therapy believes in providing access to various types of help and support - formal and informal - to anyone experiencing emotional, mental health or personal problems. We provide help and support to those over 16 years old experiencing a range of problems and difficulties: sometime we all need a bit of extra support and for someone to listen and help us work through whatever is bothering us.

Do not let your shadow walk you. You are

not a slave of the past


- In The Garden of Thoughts -



We are concerned with providing therapy, support, training and education for a wide range of emotional, mental health and personal difficulties. We also aim to raise awareness of mental health issues generally, in Scotland, whenever and wherever we can.


Although we have academic and professional qualifications in psychotherapy and psychology and are qualified clinicians, it's important to note that some of us also have personal experience of emotional and mental health issues, such as depression, and have now recovered. Some of us also have experience as carer/supporter of someone experiencing emotional or mental health issues..


We are qualified and/or accredited Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists and have specialised clinical qualifications in CBT Therapy (Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy) as well as undergraduate and postgraduate university degrees in Psychology, Research Psychology and other fields of Mental Health. We have additional qualifications in other therapies such as Stress Management Therapy and attended training in self-harm, clinical supervision, suicide and much more!


We engage in regular Clinical Supervision and Continuous Professional Development (CPD). We hold Professional Membership with various organisations, have Professional Indemnity Insurance and PVG/Disclosure Scotland Membership. We are experienced clinicians and have worked with many issues including depression, anxiety, body image, stress, self-esteem, eating disorders, OCD, confidence, assertiveness and much more.


So, we are priviledged over most service providers in that we not only have professional experience in working with a range of emotional and mental health concerns in various clinical, academic and support settings: some of us also know what it's actually like to experience and recover from personal issues first hand.


This means we have an understanding of personal and mental health issues that many health professionals do not. Since 2010, we have worked with over 1000 people - male and female - with various emotional, mental health and personal issues, of all ages and backgrounds, individually, in groups, face-to-face and online.

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